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Happy Labor Day

This weekend happy-labor-day-snoopymay be our last opportunity for a big barbecue. Summer may not have met its official end, but autumn is definitely breathing down her neck. Today is September 1, a new month. Another chance to get it right! Happy Labor Day. Enjoy the warm weather before we trade our summer clothing for those that will keep us warm as the weather turns colder.

Back in the day, Labor Day meant that we would put aside our white pants, shoes, and handbags to hibernate for fall and winter. We would retrieve them on June 21, the official start of summer. 

Labor Day also meant that we were about to start school – usually the first Wednesday after the holiday. Labor Day is always the first Monday of September. We would recoup on Tuesday and start school on Wednesday. Of course, none of that is true these days. 

Today, all bets are off. Most people wear whatever they want, whenever they want. If you are under the age of thirty, you may not have any familiarity whatsoever about the “no white after Labor Day rule.” Most kids have already returned to school. Perhaps in white clothing!

Enjoy your weekend!