Is It The Beginning, Or Is It The End?

Once upon a time, a virus named COVID19 turned up on planet Earth. It may have touched down on some of the neighboring planets. Since I am an earthling, I have no firsthand knowledge to confirm or deny that possibility. Due to the absence of any extraterrestrial communications, I remain uninformed.

The best I can aspire to is recounting what life on earth has morphed into since its arrival. Humans are required to wear masks when entering stores, restaurants, etc. Of course, that is IF the restaurant or store can afford to remain open with such little foot traffic.

People are encouraged to stay home and to leave only to retrieve essentials. Shopping for food is essential. Shopping for clothing is NOT. Dining rooms are unnecessary. Dining at home is confined to the people living at the same address.

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving. I use the word “celebrate” rather loosely. In some states, people were asked to report any neighbors who had visitors showing up that day. I am not certain what state agencies were tasked to take a count, but word was that someone would be dispatched to investigate any Thanksgiving violators of the mandate.

I am not minimizing the seriousness of what my grandson calls “The Corona.” The Corona is dangerous and highly contagious. It spreads easily and randomly. The Corona appears to be very finicky choosing which person to infect. In some households, everyone becomes infected. In others, only one of a husband-and- wife team is chosen as a host. I was exposed weeks ago, Apparently, I did not meet The Corona’s standards and remained uninfected. Thank, God! Unfortunately, many of my friends and family were up to snuff and did become infected.

People no longer shake hands, kiss friends on the cheek or hug anyone. As I was taking my morning walk today, I passed a car with an open trunk. The homeowner waited for me to pass the car. Once I did, he removed the carton of water to transport into his garage. The walkers and joggers will step into the street to remain six feet apart from any passerby.

Life on earth certainly is not what we were accustomed to. Perhaps, The Corona previously inhabited another planet. I am imagining life there is now what life on earth was like. People are kissing, hugging, shaking hands and leaving their masks at home.

A new year is knocking on our doorstep. We will be ringing in 2021 shortly. Well, we may not be ringing it in the manner to which we are accustomed. Times Square will not be bursting at the seams when 2021 arrives, but it WILL arrive. Even the Corona cannot stop the passing of time.

I am imagining that we will return to our old way of life and kick The Corona into outer space. Perhaps it will inhabit some other planet where the people would not consider it such a hardship. Mr. Spock’s Vulcan comes to mind.

Out with the old. May we all live long and prosper.

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