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Musings While on Vacation


As you can see from the video, it is indeed a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I am on vacation on “the Cape.”. To those of you who are not New Englanders, that would be Cape Cod! You would have a tough time finding a New Englander who actually says, “Cape Cod!” What I love about this industry called network marketing is that I can be making money anytime, anywhere – even while walking the beach in Provincetown, MA. I am very grateful for that.

If you are not familiar with network marketing, you owe it to yourself to learn about it and explore the possibilities of how it can impact your life. I am a BIG advocate of the industry, just like Robert Kiyosaki, and Warren Buffet. My company of choice is Qivana. It is in pre-momentum. What is important is that you check out the industry yourself and see if it makes sense for you. You can supplement your income in addition to whatever you are doing. You can work toward a complete life change. Find something you can do to work toward changing whatever it is you want to change.

As Mr. Rohn said:

If you don’t change, nothing will change.

If not now, when?
If not you, who?

It really is up to YOU.

The Best Way to Predict Your Future Is To CREATE It,

Do YOU Believe in Miracles?

Lake Placid Olympic Stadiumlake-placid-ice-rink-edited-768x1024

As I’ve already written, my husband and I vacationed in upstate NY last month. I felt compelled to go to Lake Placid. I had never been to Olympic Stadium where the US hockey team won the Gold Medal in 1980. I had told the story time after time and integrated it into some of my trainings. Years later, I now find myself on another type of team – the Qivana team, with the captain of that 1980 Olympic hockey team – Mike Eruzione. As I walked into the stadium, I got goose bumps. I was walking on hallowed ground.

For those of you of a certain vintage, you may remember February 22, 1980. US morale was low. We were feeling the residual of Vietnam, Watergate, the oil crisis, and the Iranian Hostage situation. The Cold War was heating up.

Plan B went into effect: Hire Herb Brooks as the Olympic hockey coach, have some success at the games, and boost morale. The team was comprised of amateur and collegiate players. The Russians had older experienced and legendary players who played on world-class rinks! They had won EVERY world game and EVERY Olympic game since 1964.

In order to win the Gold Medal, the team would have to beat Finland. However, they would have to get by the Russians to do it – a task deemed nothing short of a miracle.

It was similar to David going against Goliath. Well, if you are familiar with the story, you know herb-brooks-sign-edited-637x1024what David did to Goliath. Most people inhabiting the planet on that day know what Team USA did. It was SO well known, that Sports Illustrated ran its March 3 cover with absolutely NO words-just a picture of the winning team waving the American flag. No words were necessary. Everyone knew that Team USA had beaten the Russians!

How did it happen? Herb Brooks didn’t look for the most skilled players. He gave each player a personality test. He was building a team – not just a bunch of guys wearing the same jersey, not just a bunch of guys with their own agenda. He was building a TEAM. According to Myers-Briggs, a team is “a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.”

When they were trailing, Herb goes into the locker room and tells the guys that THIS is their moment. That if they do not go out onto the ice and win, they will regret this moment for the rest of their lives. What he said is so true. One of the strongest human emotions is regret. It is often said that most people will not regret the things they did. Most people will regret the things they did not do.

Mike Eruzione and Janet DeLeoMike-Eruzione-and-Janet-edited-1024x864

How many of us are not going the extra mile? How many of us have given up on dreams? Remember, when we were kids? We all dreamed. We dreamed before we allowed life to beat us up. Go back to that time when you thought all things were possible. One of my favorite sayings is that you can be the best jockey in the world and just be on the wrong horse. Think about what you want, “what you really, really, want”. If you know the prize, you will be willing to pay the price. Is there a price? Of course, there is. Anything worth achieving is worth working for.

Don’t ask yourself if it’s easy; ask yourself if it’s worth it? What can you do with your moments?

If a rag-tag bunch of kids can play the game of their lives and beat the best hockey team in the world, anything is possible.

Sports Illustrated named the moment the Top Sports Moment of the Twentieth Century.

Miracles can and DO happen. Know what you want. Believe that you will get it. Develop a written plan of action as to how you will achieve it. What miracle would you like to occur in YOUR life?

I am passionate about network marketing. I think it’s the average person’s best chance to develop a residual income. You may have a different plan, but get a PLAN for something to happen for you.

After the game against the Russians, Herb went back into the locker room and cried. Obviously, those tears were tears of joy. What kind of tears will you shed? Will they be to celebrate what you did, or will they be to regret what you did not do?

Herb Brooks died in 2003 before the movie “Miracle on Ice” was released. Al Michaels, who announced the game all those years ago, was hired to recreate his announcing. The last ten seconds, however, are from the original broadcast when Mr. Michaels yells, “Do you believe in miracles?” “YES”. It was agreed that he could never recreate the emotion of that moment. Those of us who remember the moment know that is true.

The ice rink at the Olympic Stadium was renamed the Herb Brooks Arena.

Those goose bumps are back…..

Become the hero the people who love you believe you are….


The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to CREATE It,


Freedom Has Never Been Free

JanetAlan-Fort-TiconderogaRecently my husband Alan and I visited Fort Ticonderoga – the site of the first successful battle of the Revolutionary War.

This successful battle was accomplished without the firing of a single shot because the British soldiers were not expecting any visitors! They were caught sleeping (literally.)

Just the Facts….

We all will become a statistic. Will you be caught sleeping just like the British soldiers were at Fort Ticonderoga? Well, here are some statistics from the U.S. government. I’m just the messenger.

Of 100 people at age 65 . . .
•1 will be rich
•4 will be financially independent
•5 will be still working
•54 will be broke and dependent on family, church or state
•36 will be dead

What Price Will YOU Pay for YOUR Financial Freedom?

What is interesting is that I’ve been quoting these statistics since 1984. They never change. I have my own theory as to why these statistics never change. We all become the average of the five people we are around the most. When most of us have a great idea (anyone who has ever taken a shower HAS had a GREAT idea). Usually, we run that idea by the people we are closest to, right?

What do they say if we say we are going to start selling health and nutrition products, or jewelry, or makeup, etc.? They urge us not to waste our money. What do we know about building a business? What are we crazy? I call those people shovel people. You know them. You might be related to them. You might be married to one of them.

Every time you get what you think is a great idea, you run it by them. You expect support, a “Go for it”! Just when you least expect it, they hit you in the side of the head with a shovel. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. It’s because they DO love you that they are trying to protect you. I won’t make any judgments here, but the people most of us ask opinions of are in the 95%. Why would we ask them their opinion? But, I digress…

Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant

Most people would agree that they want financial security Some people have big dreams and cashflow-quandrantare looking for financial freedom.

Robert Kiyosaki is a very prolific writer. His “Cash Flow Quadrant” teaches about the four quadrants each of us fall into: the Employee and the Self Employed are on the left-side of the quadrant. The Business owner, and the Investor are on the right-side of the quadrant.

CLUE: The people on the right-side of the quadrant are financially free. The people on the left-side are NOT financially free.

Your Fairy Godmother

If your fairy godmother could grant you a wish, and if you could pick what quadrant you would Fairy-Godmotherlike to be in; my guess is that most people would want to be in the “I” Quadrant-the Investment Quadrant where money works for you. Well, read what Mr. Kiyosaki recommends you do in order to get into that quadrant.

You’ll find his advice in “The Business of the 21st Century”. Spoiler Alert: It’s network marketing! Well, I wouldn’t wait for your fairy godmother – or Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny for that matter either. Spoiler Alert: None of them are coming to the rescue. Are you ready to do something about your long-term financial freedom? If not now, when? (I say that a LOT)

Call me, link up, tweet, email, etc., but get the facts about this industry. I’ll be conducting my generic network marketing workshop on Saturday, October 19, in Warwick, RI, from 10 AM – 1 PM.Details and registration information will follow next week.  I’m passionate about this.

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is To CREATE It,
(So, you might as well think your future up!!)


Could Network Marketing Be an Option for You?

Once upon a time…….

I’m a business teacher by trade. Most of what I became certified to teach is obsolete. Does Typewriteranyone still own a typewriter – just askin….

Back then, job security was not an oxymoron. People actually expected to have a career working at one place for forty years! Translation: one job, one career for a lifetime. Social Security was something to depend on for a secure retirement. That was then; this is now.

USA Today conducted a survey. The results shocked a lot of people. According to the survey, the biggest fear Americans have is running out of money in retirement!

It’s probably time to examine your options:

You can:
1. Work for someone else
2. Start a small business
3. Own a franchise
4. Win the lottery
5. Start a home-based business

As a teacher, I obviously chose Option #1. When I needed to make more money, I went out and chose Option #1 again. I wasn’t making enough money full-time, so I went out and started working part-time. Does any of this sound familiar?

If you are ready to get proactive about Option #5, you can explore the possibilities of network marketing. There are certainly other options for starting a home-based business; however, network marketing provides a turnkey operation with a very minimal cost to get involved. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, AND you will have a support team to help you.

Network Marketing Workshop

There are many things to examine when you are choosing a company to wrap your arms around. All companies and teams are NOT created equal. Know what to look for.

I will be conducting a generic network marketing workshop in RI on September 7. The workshop is entitled, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Network Marketing, But Were Afraid To Ask.”

The details will follow in another post. In the meantime, you can go to the following site to start your due diligence. Go here to check out the facts about the industry. It’s real. It’s not easy. That’s why the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.I would never infer that this industry is easy, but I have found it absolutely worth it! One of my favorite descriptions of network marketing is that it is a personal development plan with a compensation plan attached to it!

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to CREATE It,