About Janet

You CAN create a life you LOVE!!!

My name is Janet DeLeo. Once upon a time I was a business teacher. I taught subjects such as “typing” and shorthand. I instructed students to use machines that don’t even exist anymore. I taught mostly women who were in programs to develop skills, so that they could go into the marketplace and support themselves and their families. The “story behind the story” is that during breaks, the teachers were attempting to figure out how we could support ourselves and our families. As Jim Rohn says, we always had “more month at the end of the money”, too.
As a single parent, I needed more money. I joined the network marketing industry to make an extra $500 a month. I didn’t have any extra time, and I certainly didn’t have any extra money to get involved.  I was working up to three jobs and going to school for my MBA. The business model made sense to me.  I wanted the products, and I wanted the tax deductions of a home-based business. I absolutely had to get involved!
Now, for the rest of the story…I got into network marketing, but then network marketing got into me. It got into my DNA. I started working as hard for myself as I had worked for everyone else. I made more money that first year than I had made the previous year! I don’t tell that story to boast. I tell it to illustrate that anything IS possible. I had wanted things to change, but it wasn’t until I took this unconventional road that my life changed.
I am not implying that everyone will share this type of experience. I don’t know what you will do. What I do know is that in order for things to change, YOU have to change.

Here’s the oldest published picture of me that I could find. It’s a picture of me “back in the day” in a company magazine. The heading was Teacher Learns To Never Say “Never”. Yes, that IS my hair! What can I say? I’m willing it to post it, so I do have a sense of humor!This industry is real.  Personally, I have earned trips all over the world including Hawaii, Monaco, Tahiti, St. Thomas, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, and Spain. Incentive trips are commonly offered, so are car bonuses, megabonuses, and more!Anything is possible. I dropped out of that MBA program when I first got into the industry. However, I did go back for a Masters in Adult Education. I did my thesis on Network Marketing. . I am committed to help network marketing get the respect it deserves. According to the DSA, there are 15 MILLION people in direct sales responsible for $30.8 Billion in sales in the US and $112 BILLION worldwide!Everyone is aware of what is going on economically. More people need more money just to survive. Perhaps network marketing is for you. Perhaps it is not. You’ll never know unless you explore the possibilities with an open mind. Perhaps it is time to bust through some old paradigms. At least make a valid decision after you have explored the facts. “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll probably get what you’ve always gotten.” Look for the company that is the best fit for you, but do your homework. There are many factors to explore. Network Marketing companies aren’t any different than traditional companies – there are good ones AND bad ones. Get the facts. Choose wisely.

If you choose to get into network marketing, I guarantee you that you will be exposed to some of the best trainers in the world. You can change your life. If you don’t change, nothing will change.

The best definition of insanity that I’ve ever heard is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

Just start working on YOU.

(Success is rarely achieved unless you’re having it!)

Best wishes for a future blessed with health, wealth, & happiness.

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