Lessons I learned from Columbus

The Start of a long Columbus Day Weekend

ColumbusAs I write this, it is Friday – the start of a long Columbus Day Weekend. I find that very apropos. Think about it. Captain Columbus headed west thinking he would reach the Indies. When he reaches land, he believes he has reached his intended destination. Wow! Does this sound familiar! There is no question mark at the end of the previous sentence because it is so obviously rhetorical! Let’s put aside my sense of direction which I have already referenced in a previous blog. My geographically- challenged excursions aside, we ALL have had the experience of being lost. If not, you need to get out more!

But I digress….

Rainbow over WaterLet’s look at this. Metaphorically speaking, how many of us have started out in a particular direction, followed the path we have set out for ourselves to the letter – only to find out that we are terribly off course. What I am talking about here is  a something that my paisano Christoforo Colombo and I have in common. We are discovering new lands – places that we could not have visualized because we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

For me, I’m discovering new things about myself. The course that I am taking with trainer Mark J challenges us to come up with our personal pivotal needs (PPN’s). I assumed (you know what they say about assuming) that my personal pivotal needs were the same as they have been for awhile – liberty and legacy – the PPN’s I arrived at via a previous course. I’ve discovered that I already have liberty. I am an entrepreneur – a network marketer. I work when I want, if I want, with whom I want.

I still feel very strongly that I want to leave a legacy, but I have discovered a have a need recognition for creative expression.  Who knew? I have always considered myself creative, but I didn’t see that one coming.

I am excited to see what else I discover on this journey to uncharted territory!

My aha moment as I write this is how quickly the words poured out. Mark J is correct. . Much can be accomplished in little time with focus.  I am eager to master the technology piece.

Stay tuned!

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to CREATE It,


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