Impacting a Life is a Blessed Feeling!

While I was at church recently, a woman in her late seventies who attended the same service, came up to me.
We met a few years ago, and she had severe digestive issues then. Her doctor was prescribingMaxine-with-flag different solutions with no success. There were times she was afraid to leave the house for fear of an accident. There were times when she was brave enough to leave, and the embarrassment was not prevented. I suggested that she use the probiotic that my company distributes.

To make a long story medium (as one of my friends is fond of saying), she has used our probiotic successfully for over two years. She has her life back – she is always out enjoying her life. She can go to church anytime she pleases. I’m sure she included a great deal of gratitude in yesterday’s prayers.

Sure, we all work for monetary reward, but how blessed do you think I feel to have impacted a life this way! This is the part of bringing quality nutritional products to the world that I am most grateful for.

One of my favorite quotes is: “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” I guess I’m an artist – good thing because my sketches are terrible!


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